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Re: Winter Storage & oil pump priming

Subject: Re: Winter Storage & oil pump priming
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 95 17:13:51 PST
Russ Wilson concluded:

> Therefore, why don't we all just fire 'em up in the spring, straightaway.
> Fortunately, most of us (northern hemisphere) have many months to think
> about it.  Perhaps we could even hold Denise responsible for rebuilding any
> engines that therby experience undo wear.   

HAH!  No warranty is expressed or implied.  Anyone who takes my advice to
not take someone else's advice is more confused than I am.

> (With all those goodies in her
> toolbox, she'd probably be able to do it on the side of the road!)

Nope, the torque wrench, et al, is in the big red toolbox in the garage.  
(You can't imagine how many jokes I've heard based on the words: big, red, 
and box.)

One thing that was said in all this winter storage debate that's a hit 
and not a myth is that batteries shouldn't be set on concrete.  Concrete
is a heat sink; it continuously removes heat from the battery thereby
driving the chemical reaction that discharges it.  This is helped along
by the battery's natural tendency to want to return to an equilibrium 
state, which is half-charged.  Which explains why a completely discharged 
battery will recharge itself slightly when left sitting.  Any discussion?

As Popeye muttered, "I ain't no physikist, but I know what matter's."

Denise Thorpe

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