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Re: Fuel gauge problems

Subject: Re: Fuel gauge problems
From: "A.D.Smith" <>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 09:25:07 GMT
Hello all,
          well I've got lots of suggestions to try there.  The one that I 
think is most likely (or at least the one that I want to be true) is that 
the problem lies with the "Bimetalic voltage stabilizer" in series with the
gauge / sender.  The funnt thing is that I replaced this about a year ago !

My understanding is that it's some kind of capacitor.  

So todays question : 

        Does anyone know exactly what's in there, so that I can bring it
        to work and get the electronics guys to test it ?

I know they're cheap, but I'd just like to understand what goes on in there.

It's a '77 midget, and this thing is a two pronged little Lucas box, about 
1/2 inch by and inch, in line between the fuel gauge sender and the gauge
itself.  Its purpose I think is simply to damp the swings from the sender 
unit as it bounces around in the tank.

While I'm here, does anyone have any suggestions about clocks.  That's to
tell the time.  I want one in my midget (should I worry about what time it
is, maybe this will trigger off a whole string of arguments here).  I looked
at the clock from an MGB, but it's pretty big.  The old minis seem to have 
had a little smiths clock the size of my petrol gauge, but MOSS want 40 pounds
for one.  Should I try the local scrapyard, and if I do, are there any other
cars with nice clocks. (An Ammeter and Voltmeter, maybe an external air temp.
gauge a la lotus would be nice too).  Which common production cars found in
any local scrapyard would have a good selection of nice clocks, with chrome
surrounds to match my speedo / tacho?


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1977 Chrome Bumper Midget "Mungo" for short.

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