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Re: Flux theory

Subject: Re: Flux theory
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 95 11:07:00 PST
The lovely and charming Will Zehring explained:

> I suspect that I can turn peoples car radios on and off 
> as well.  While I have no aural evidence to support this radio effect, I 
> frequently notice adjacent drivers shaking their fists at me and making 
> other odd gestures.

A friend once described a similar effect to me.  He was towing his formula
Ford to Holtville Aerodrome International Raceway in a caravan of racers
with CB's.  When he pushed the talk button on his CB radio, the Jag that 
was passing him suddenly slowed down.  Out of curiosity, when the Jag had
caught up again and was next to him, he pushed the CB button again and the
same thing happened.  Just to be sure it was really the CB, he did this
five or six more times.

Speaking of Jags and mice, every night when we closed up the Britcar
dealership where I wrenched, we had to push all of the MG's, Triumphs,
and whatever else out of the bays and move the Jags in because if we
didn't, mice from the nearby fields would eat the windshield washer 
bottles.  They wouldn't eat the washer bottles in any other car, and they
wouldn't eat anything else in the Jags, it was just those tasty Jaguar
washer bottles.
> Any more questions?

Yes, how did you get so smart?

Denise Thorpe

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