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Re: FW: MGA Tires

Subject: Re: FW: MGA Tires
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 95 12:59:47 PST
Mike Lambdin answered:

> Ted, you're forgetting the charges for mounting, balancing, valve stems
> along with taxes.
> Which tire store chain advertises the "on the rim and out the door"
> prices?

And then there are the tubes, road hazard warranty, and (in California) the
environmental fee they charge you for throwing away your old tires for you.
In San Diego, old tires go to Mexico where they become sandals.  I wonder if 
radial sandals handle better than bias ply sandals.

> ]Why is it that 4, $50 tires cost $300?
> ]Edward B. (Ted) Weiler,,
> ]Director, Volunteers NorthWest,,
> ]Membership, MG Car Club NorthWest Centre
> ],

Denise Thorpe, who wonders a lot

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