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Re: 72 Midget Plug Wires

To: ciaffone <>
Subject: Re: 72 Midget Plug Wires
From: Matt Liggett <>
Date: Sun, 05 Nov 1995 14:29:14 -0500
At Sat, 4 Nov 95 09:14:02 EST, ciaffone writes:
> Is my 72 Midget SUPPOSED to have its plug wires seemingly a
> part of the distributor cap??  I had not looked closely enuff when the guyz a
> t 
> the local BritCars place sold me replacement wires, but they won't fit.  Any 
> suggestions where I might purchase what seems to be a distributor cap with 
> wires attached??

There are little pointed screws on the inside of the cap which screw
up and through the wires in the cap.  Cut off the snap-on connector
ends on the distributor-cap-end of each wire and shove it in the hole.
Now screw the pointy screw through it.  Voila!  You may have to go the
the hardware store to buy a screwdriver which is both long and narrow
enough to get to those screws properly.  Personally, I love this
system as it seems much more secure than modern snap-down wires.

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