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Charter membership in SPAM

Subject: Charter membership in SPAM
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 95 12:55:33 PST
Gene asked:
> My son wants to trade his rather nice MG1100 for my somewhat scruffy 
>  XK120.  If I do it can I join?

You don't need to own an MG 1100 to join SPAM, you just have to be 
willing to give one a home if it needed it.  I'll give you $200 for
either the 1100 or the XK120 or both.

Mark Jurras asked:
> Do I need a viking helmet?

No appliances are required.

Michael Chaffee said:
> I will join SPAM, and have repeated the oath in the privacy of my own home 
> nobody will mock me), but only because I fully expect that I will never be  
> forced to purchase any such <$200 MG 1100.

You're in deep doggie doodoo now.  That was a legally and morally binding 
oath you swore and I've purchased three MG 1100's for less than $200 each.  
In fact, I've never heard of anyone (other than me) spending more for one.

> I saw someone mention Viking helmets.  Perhaps instead (in addition?  Dear  
> God...) we could wear Groucho Marx costume glasses-nose-mustache combo things 
> so that decent people wouldn't recognize us.

Membership in SPAM is designed to display our pride in owning and/or liking 
the MG 1100, however silliness is encouraged.

> Is there a newsletter?  :)

In the tradition of British car clubs, anyone who asks has volunteered.

james fischer sang:
>    But why not a song that is more in keeping with the
>    TRUE experience of driving ANY MG?  I offer the folling:
>    The MG Midget Blues  (or "B", or "TD", or yes, even 1100!)

Nice song, but the 1100 is a saloon not a midget.

marc greening complained:
>   I'm feeling left out, you and your MG 1100's think you own the whole 
> world, but it's not true.

You don't even have to OWN an 1100 to be a part of SPAM.  You only have 
to say nice things about them.

> And another thing, I got my last Austin America for US $40, not US$200, 
> (of course the engine and trans were a boxed set, litteraly. The 
> previous America was a different story. The wrecker suckered me out of 
> US$500 because I could drive it off the lot.

I'm still champ.  I spent $600 on my first MG 1100 because it was the only
one I had ever seen for sale, it mostly ran, and it had a race history.

J. Michael Roach requested:
> I've never seen an 1100 before.  Where can I find a good picture, preferably 
> several from different angles?

Take the oath, send me your address, and I'll send you pictures.

Glen  Wilson stated:
> I cannot take the oath because I'm still the Head Honcho at the often dormant 
> North American Silly Car Registry and there might be a perceived conflict of 
> interest causing unrest among our membership.
> '59 English Ford 100E Squire Deluxe Estate (Excellent Original)
> '67 MG 1100 Saloon (Runs & Drives)
> '66 MG Midget (Really Nice)
> '66 MG Midget (Solid Project Car)

I see no conflict of interest -- the only silly car you own is the Ford.

Eugene Faust added:
> My son has a very original, rust free,1967 1100 that runs well but has 
>  various cosmetic defects like pits in the chrome, scratches in the 
>  paint, worn carpets etc..  He wants to sell or trade it to make room 
>  for a XK120 .  Any thoughts as to its approximate value?
> Also, does anyone know where to obtain a pair of new brake rotors for an 1100?

See answer number 1.  Sell it to me and you won't need to buy rotors.

Charter members so far:
Denise Thorpe *
Michael Chaffee (newsletter editor)
Dick Burger *

* the proud owner of at least one MG 1100
all members should send me their address in case there ever really is a

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