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Re: MG1100

Subject: Re: MG1100
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 95 13:50:59 PST
> My son has a very original, rust free,1967 1100 that runs well but has 
>  various cosmetic defects like pits in the chrome, scratches in the 
>  paint, worn carpets etc..  He wants to sell or trade it to make room 
>  for a XK120 .  Any thoughts as to its approximate value?
> Also, does anyone know where to obtain a pair of new brake rotors for an 1100?
> Thanks,  Gene

But seriously, the MG 1100 shares many parts with the early MG Midget.  I
know that the rear brake shoes are the same and possibly the drums.  The
rear wheel bearings and seals for the 1100 are the same as the ones on 
the front of the Midget and the brake pads are the same.  So it's possible 
that the rotors are the same.

The carburettors on the cars look the same but the 1100 SU's have the
vacuum advance line coming out of the other carb.  The generator, regulator,
starter solenoid, vacuum advance, points, and condenser are the same as on 
all '63-'67 MG's.  The starter may be a Midget starter.

Even though the design of the 1100 has a lot in common with the Mini's, I
don't know of any parts that are interchangeable because of the difference
in size of the cars, except maybe the U-joints.  Needle bearing U-joints 
are now available to replace those horrid rubber things and they can be 
gotten from Mini Mania.  The throwout bearing seems to be unique to the 
1100 because the one Mini Mania sent me was the graphite kind and the 1100
uses a real fully-enclosed greased bearing.  Foreign Auto Supply just 
happened to have one on a Sunday.

The trim on an 1100 is unique (at least among the cars I've seen) except
for the front running/turn lights.  These are the same round screw-on lights 
as on later MGA's.

That's everything I know.

Oh yes, it's value.  Low bluebook requires paying to have it hauled away,
high bluebook is US$200.

Denise Thorpe

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