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Re: Should I buy an MG 1100? YES!

Subject: Re: Should I buy an MG 1100? YES!
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 95 11:59:38 PST
Mike Lambdin asked:
> numerous deletions
> ]> If the answer to *any* two of the above questions is "YES!" then I can 
> ]> you right now that I have $200 burning a hole in my pocket.  
> ]They frequently go for less.  Better start looking now before they're all 
> ]gone.
> I may be (probably am) confusing this with a previous post but I recall
> someone commenting that they were ready to pay $200 for the aforementioned
> auto or an XK120. Are prices depressed in that part of the U.S. or did
> I miss a joke.
> Several months back I sold a '52 XK120 FHC, a real basket case having
> sat in a partially collapsed garage for over 30 years, for a great deal
> more than $200. Then again the buyer was a spoiled rich kid spending his
> dad's money - so cost was no object. Lucky me!!!

Eugene Faust said he was thinking of trading his somewhat scruffy XK120
for his son's rather nice MG 1100 implying that they're of equal value.
Since I know that no MG 1100 is worth more than $200, I offered to buy
the XK120 for that amount.  But I didn't get a reply, probably because
DamitDick outbid me by $50.  Now we'll probably have a bidding war and
I'll miss out.  From now on I'll be more discreet.

You should send that buyer to the guy selling the $30,000 MGB.  Just 
kidding.  I know it was miles and not dollars.

Denise Thorpe, with a $10,000 MG 1100 for sale

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