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Re: MG 1100, Farina Magnettes- Different?

Subject: Re: MG 1100, Farina Magnettes- Different?
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 95 11:37:30 PST
John P Elwood (probably the lost Blues Brother) asked:

> Hey everyone...
>    I've been reading about those 1100's, and am wondering what the 
> difference between an MG 1100 and the Farina MG Magnettes.  I have an 
> old MG ad, and the 1100 is cheaper than a 'B, but more expensive than 
> a Midget, and a Magnette is more expensive than a 'B.  (The 'B is 
> like 640 and the Magnette was about 805... all in pounds ofcourse!)
>     I have come across a Farina Magnette, that has a rebuilt engine, 
> completely re-worked body, all new suspension, and just has to be 
> painted, then engien put in, and some tarting up in the interior, and 
> it would be an excellent car.  Any ideas on the value?   (in dollars) 
>     If the MG 1100 is like an Austin 1100, the Magnette has a huge 
> trunk added on to that.  
>                          John

I've never _heard_ of a Farina Magnette.  I thought the 1100 was _the_
sedan offered in the days of B's and Midgets.  It must be one of those
cars that never made it over here.  There's really no way of establishing 
a value for a one-of-a-kind car.  The value is what the market, if there 
is one, will bear and what the owner will accept (as is true of all cars).

When I set the upper value of 1100's at US$200, I was assuming that they
all need to be restored and I was being a reverse snob.  I also wanted to 
let people know that there's a great car out there that's a steal because 
it's horrendously undervalued.  This is also true of Rolls Royces.  If
Gene Faust's 1100 were early enough to have the wood dash, I'd think about
buying it for $1000 because it's going to cost me more than that to restore
any of the ones I have.  Since I don't buy or restore cars intending to 
make a profit on them, I put into a car what it's worth to me. 

I think the MG 1100 does have the same body as the Austin 1100, so it 
sounds like the 1100 and Magnette have the same relationship as the VW
Rabbit and Jetta.  The early Jetta was a Rabbit with a trunk stuck on.  
I've heard Farina described as a coachbuilder, so it's possible that the
Farina Magnette has the same relationship to the MG company as the Arnholt 
(sp?) bodied TD (TF?).

Denise Thorpe, boringly serious (or seriously boring) lately

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