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RE: battery on concrete experiment

Subject: RE: battery on concrete experiment
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 95 10:30:54 PST
Edward B. (Ted) Weiler said:

> Congratualtions on what sounds like a fairly well designed experiment.
> Don't forget to document everything (photos are essential).  It is too bad,
> however, that you didn't get a nice federal grant first before you did all
> this work.

Ummmm, it wasn't much work.  The battery needed to be charged anyway and
if I'd hooked up the charger in the back yard, the dogs would have eaten 
the cord.  All I did was remove the newspaper that normally prevents 
batteries from sitting directly on concrete while being charged.  But
don't tell that to the NIH.

Chris Reichle said:

> Perhaps the experiment should be conducted in close proximity to an MG, 
> preferably one that is running. Since all electronics in an MG derive their 
> flakeyness from their very presence in an MG, the test should be conducted 
> where it will most likely fail, in a running MG. The aura around an MG 
> causes all electronic devices to go flakey, it's not just because they are 
> Lucas.

Ha!  I knew there was a reason why _I_ should be allowed to park _my_ 
MGB in the only car sized clear spot in the garage (next to the battery 
experiment) and the Toyota truck should live outside.  I'll say, "Honey,
in the interests of science I'll be parking my car in the garage until
this battery goes dead."  I bet the battery would go dead really fast.
I'm not above skewing data for personal gain.

The astute Will Zehring asked:

> I'm 
> particularly impressed with the preliminary observation that the battery 
> acquired a charge in the early phases of incubation.  Are you living 
> anywhere near massive amounds of burried radiation sources?  

Not that I know of, but the battery is directly over the sewer line and
there was a buried dog (not mine) in the back yard.

Denise Thorpe

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