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tire foam

Subject: tire foam
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 95 09:35:39 PST
pbailey related:

> I had a simular experience with foam We were on vacation a few years ago and 
> had a slow leak in on of my trailer tires so instead of getting it fixed I 
> the foam in it a of course forgot about it.We were driving down 101 north of 
> Eureka when it blew luckily I had a 4 wheel trailer but it ruined the tire 
>and a 
> new one cost me 80 bucks in eureka on a sunday...luckily I had a spare BUT if 
> you use the foam use it ONLY to get to a service station and get the tire 
> repaired...Pat....been there ...done that

Be sure to warn the person who unmounts your tire that the foam is in there.
A spark caused by the tire busting machine ("busting" in this context is a
technical term) can ignite the foam causing the tire to explode.  People have 
been killed and maimed this way.

Obligatory wrenching tip:  When stealing bakeware from the kitchen to use
as parts trays and drip pans, avoid the pans with the rolled metal edges.
The oil that gets under the rolled edge never comes out and then everything
you bake smells like burnt motor oil.

Denise Thorpe

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