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Re: '77 Midget Ignition Switch

Subject: Re: '77 Midget Ignition Switch
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 95 16:51:42 PST
Bob asked:

> After, touching the wires leading to the ignition switch I 
> discovered the problem. The switch had split in two and the part with the 
> pulled easily out of the steering column. There were no other cars with Lucas 
> electric systems on the block so I don't think it was a sympathy failure. 
> I have tried Victoria British and Moss motors but they both say the switch is 
> now unavialable. 
> Does anyone know where I can get a replacement switch for the Midget?

You may not need a replacement switch.  The ignition switch in later MG's
has two parts -- the metal part that decides if you've got the right key
and the plastic part that holds the wires.  Actually, this is true of 
most modern cars.  The plastic part slips into the metal part and is held 
there by a little tiny screw.  I remember this little tiny screw because 
it's the only screw I ever found on an MG that requires a #1 Posidrive 
screwdriver.  You'll find the screw on your floor, or if not, you can 
easily find a replacement.  The steering column cover will have to be 
removed to reinstall the plastic half of the switch and this may involve
removing the steering wheel.  I remember having to buy a 90 degree #2
Phillips screwdriver (Snap-on didn't have a 90 degree Posidrive) to get 
the screws closest to the dash.

OR, you can just drive it the way it is.  There should be a little slot
in the plastic part that the metal part turns if the correct key is 
inserted.  You could probably turn this with your fingernail and then
stuff the plastic part back into the steering column.  Imagine the chagrin
of a thief who drives a screwdriver into your ignition switch only to 
discover that turning it doesn't do anything.

Denise Thorpe

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