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Valve rattle

Subject: Valve rattle
From: "Frank van Dalen" <F.vanDalen@LR.TUDelft.NL>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 10:57:23 +0100
Hi All,

I have a problem that is best summarised by the fact that some of my so-called
friends think that my '69 B sounds like a VW Beetle. I'm loosing friends fast
this way, and I'd appreciate some advice. Last spring I replaced my tappets
(long type) to fix a distinct knock from the nr. 5 tappet. This cured the
noise, but got me a new similar noise from the top end of the engine. I
    think this could be a worn valve guide. I talked it over with the local
but he says don't rebuild the head unless you do the whole engine, since
otherwise you'll put extra stress on the lower end. "Unfortunately", the  rest
of the engine is in fine shape: compression around 11 atmosphere on all four,
oil pressure is 50 lb/sq. inch, oil consumption is acceptable at a gallon to
3000 miles, and most of that is coming out through the rear main seal. No need
to rebuild the engine. Basically, the car is performing fine, there is just
damned noise. Should I rebuild the head or should I go on rattling my valve?



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