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Those pesky speedo angle drives

Subject: Those pesky speedo angle drives
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 95 18:58:05 PST
A couple of people have mentioned the expense of replacing the speedo
angle drive.  I've always gotten them exchange rebuilt.  The last time 
was so long ago, I don't remember who did it or how much it cost, but
I think it was under $20.  Maybe some enterprising netter could figure
out how to fix those little gizmos.

In answer to rick huber's question, I've heard of the angle drive and
speedo cable taking turns wiping each other out.  And the speedo can
bind enough to put undo stress on the other two.  You should be able 
to turn the speedo cable by hand.  I can turn the cable to the MG 1100
that lives in the street by hand.  

That car has two speedo cables.  The speedo end of one goes to the 
speedo, and the transmission end of the other goes to the tranny. 
They're connected to each other under the hood with a small piece of 
square brass tubing that I got at a hobby shop.  The cables are kept in 
line with each other with a piece of heater hose over the ends of the 
cables so that they don't bind when the car is being driven.  Every 72 
hours when the car is supposed to be driven over .1 miles, I just get 
under the hood, disconnect the two cables, hook up the cordless drill 
and advance the odometer exactly .1 miles.  I keep hoping to be seen 
doing this by the neighborhood parking nazi who reports people's cars 
for sitting in front of their own houses for 72 1/2 hours, but she 
lives around a corner.

Denise "Civil Disobedience" Thorpe

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