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Re: SU carb leaks

Subject: Re: SU carb leaks
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 95 11:22:10 PST
Ernest E. Gilbert updated us on the sticking float bowl valve problem:

> Denise writes that she has had same problem with NEW grose gets. I have
> always changed to Grose jets as soon as I get a car or help anyone else and
> they have never leaked before, and they always fixed any problem. But I ran
> out of the stock I bought about a year ago and this time I was using jets
> recently purchased from Moss.
> But it would appear that something has changed. Until someone explains this
> sudden change in the performance of newer Grose jets it seems that our fix
> is to change the stock ones more frequently. And stop recommending Grose
> jets to others.

My initial good experience with Grose jets was in '79 when I bought my first
B and those jets are still in the car and working fine 150K later.  My bad
experience with them was in '85 when I bought my first 1100.  I had the same
experience you did with incessant sticking and I haven't used Grose jets 
since.  At the time, I compared the two sets of jets and the little balls 
were actually different sizes.  I vaguely remember the non-sealing balls 
being larger in the newer jets.  It made sense to me that little particles 
would make these larger balls stick against the side of the cage.

However, you got good Grose jets a year ago and now the newer ones are bad
again.  It sounds like the company is either switching back and forth between 
vendors or their quality control isn't very good.  I wonder if they even know 
that large numbers of their product are defective.

Denise Thorpe

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