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gas pedal pads and inspections

Subject: gas pedal pads and inspections
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 95 18:37:03 PST
Mike Leckstein said:

>                                           Cars flunk inspection for the most 
> stupid reasons. After years of flying through with my 80 B I suddenly failed 
> year because the inspector noted that the gas pedal didn't have a rubber pad 
> it! Aparently this was required in or around l980. Has anyone ever seen a B 
> a rubber pad on the gas pedal? I talked my way out of that one with the 
> supervisor, and the issue has never been raised again.

I just bought two MGB gas pedal pads at the Pasadena MG swap meet.  They're
the cutest little things you ever saw.  I haven't put one on my car yet
because I'm afraid I'm so used to driving without one that I might blow a 
heel and toe maneuver (like I've done that successfully more than once 
anyway).  So if gas pedal pads are required in New Jersey, what do people 
with old VW's with the roller gas pedal do?  I can just picture the pad 
flying off every time the roller rolls a little.

Here in California where there are all kinds of laws about having all the 
smog junk on your car, there are no safety inspections.  I guess it's OK if 
we kill people suddenly if our brakes go out, but they don't want us killing 
anyone slowly with smog.

Denise Thorpe

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