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Knock knock knock knock knock

Subject: Knock knock knock knock knock
From: "Frank van Dalen" <F.vanDalen@LR.TUDelft.NL>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 15:45:48 +0100
On Nov 30,  8:29am, Kevin Sullivan wrote:

> Oops.  Sorry, Will.  I wasn't very clear in my description.  By "tock tock
> tock tock tock" once per second, I meant five tocks per second.  This was
> just an estimate without a time measurement device.  I guess it is
> probably 6-7 per at idle.  It's definitely not 14 per.  Since Denise
> posted than rod knock was a two part sound ("knack-a") I would hypothesize
> that that second part is being masked by other sounds.  If I had the right
> equipment I would record it digitally, get the exact frequency, and post
> the sound file for better net.analysis.

Your A sounds just like my B did. At that number of knocks per second, it
should be something in the valve train. I fixed my knock by replacing the
tappets, though I am now enjoying a similar knock from the cylinder head.

Happy listening,


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