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Re: oil starvation

To: (Will Zehring)
Subject: Re: oil starvation
From: (Russ Wilson)
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 08:03:04 -0800
>Denise sez:
>>Someone (the aforementioned Pat, late of Octagon) told me (Have you noticed
>>that people are always telling me things?) that if the oil in an MGB engine
>>is below halfway between full and add, then the cam isn't getting any

Will Z. responded:

>Zowie.  There are a lot of people who know more than I do about this but I
>have a really hard time beliveing this one.

Will -
You're right on.  I was hoping someone else would check Denise on this one
(I have to be nice if there's to be any hope of borrowing tools from her).

If the oil pickup tube is in the soup then it obivously doesn't matter how
deep the oil is - it's deep enough.  Oil pressure will be produced and all
parts of the lubricating system will share it.  You just can't pressurize
only part of the system.

My '63 B leaks dreadfully too, and the oil level often gets down to the
point of barely wetting the end of the dip stick - 2 quarts low - before I
catch it, but there is still normal pressure, so it can't hurt.  It's just
risky to have so little reserve.


BTW: Why are all we Yankees so excited about the demise of the 55 mph speed
limit?  Has anyone been paying any attention to it for the last decade??

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