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Re: need for speed

Subject: Re: need for speed
From: (James Fischer)
Date: Sat, 02 Dec 1995 21:47:37 -0500
>I wonder if we Montanans should start to worry about another influx of 
>people now that the California immigration is tapering off. I can say this - 
>Montana has been the "in" place to move to for about three years now so jobs 
>are scarce, the cost of living is increasing, and the winters are still very 
>cold (keeps the immigration down to only the hardy).

    As Frank Zappa sang:

        "Moving to Montana soon,
         Gonna be a dental floss tycoon..."

>In response to another post by James Fischer - I don't know how he gets out 
>of all his speeding tickets. My conviction rate is much higher...

        Should I write a book on this subject?
        Would anyone pay money for such a thing?

        Here's another:

            Easy way to defeat radar-based tickets!

            1) Demand that the radar unit used to trap you
                be brought into court.  (You are within
                your right to supeona the radar unit.)

            2) You bring a battery and a CB radio.
            2a) Just for luck, the battery in 
                question should NOT be set on 
                concrete, but I don't want to 
                start THAT thread AGAIN...

            3) Hook both the CB and the radar up to the
                battery, and ask the officer to measure
                the speed of the courtroom wall.

            4) While he presses his button, you key the
                microphone on the CB radio, thus transmitting
                through the antenna (did I mention that you 
                also need an antenna?)

            5) The results will be devastating - the wall of
                the courtroom (stationary in all jurisdictions)
                will register at a speed of 20 - 30 MPH on the
                radar. (The reason is that the close proximity
                of the RFI produced by the CB screws up the
                radar in ways that only an engineer would love).

            6)  Submit to the court that a CB radio was being
                used by another car at the time of the supposed
                violation, thus messing up the radar gun in
                a similar manner.

            7)  Smile at the outraged screams of agony and cries of
                "foul play" by the officer and/or prosecutor, and
                ask the judge to dismiss, since much more than 
                "reasonable doubt" has been shown by the defense. week, adapting anti-radar ECM electronic warfare units
    from scrapped Phantom figther jets to fit into your Healey 3000,
    and how to build carbon-fibre composite "stealth" body panels for
    your Jaguar XKE.

What smells so bad?  Perhaps it is the New World Odor everyone talks about.

   james fischer             

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