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battery still on concrete (was: need for speed)

Subject: battery still on concrete (was: need for speed)
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 95 09:46:52 PST
james fischer said:

>             2) You bring a battery and a CB radio.
>             2a) Just for luck, the battery in 
>                 question should NOT be set on 
>                 concrete, but I don't want to 
>                 start THAT thread AGAIN...

Just an update, the battery is still at 13 Volts and holding.  However,
there's no MG electrical flux field near it because the "Honey, in the 
interests of science, I need to park my car in the garage" trick didn't
work.  And I inspected the contents of the sewer line under the battery,
but didn't find anything other than you'd expect.

Here's a plot of the results so far (logarithmic voltage scale):

13 |  --------------------------------------
12 | '
0  |
    then                                 now

Denise Thorpe, who actually used to get paid to do research

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