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MG 1100 at Indy!

Subject: MG 1100 at Indy!
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 95 13:53:55 PST
I said:

> An entire MG 1100 used as a trailer would be much classier.  In fact, 
> I could loan you an MG 1100 with no drivetrain
> if you agreed to tow it from San Diego to Pennsylvania.  I'd settle for
> getting it to the MG meet in Indianapolis.  More on this later.

........._____________________----|_o _____o__| .............. 
         your tow vehicle here        MG 1100 

It's later and this is more:

I have an MG 1100 rolling body that needs to get to Pennsylvania to become 
the basis for an 1100 restoration.  This is why I don't have one to give 
to Chris Reichle -- all of them are all already spoken for!  I can get the 
car to anywhere within a day's drive of San Diego.  If someone could get 
the car from there to the MG meet in Indy, the owner-to-be can pick up the 
car there and get it to PA.  There wouldn't be much chance of 1100 failure 
because the driving/steering wheels would be on a tow dolly.  The car will 
be weatherproof and lockable so it'd be perfect for hauling stuff to sell 
at the meet.

So, is anyone driving to the MG meet in Indianapolis from Southern California
and, if so, would you be willing to tow an adorable, light little MG 1100?  
Imagine the vicarious thrill of pride when people think it's yours!  And you'd 
probably have the only MG 1100 at the meet!  You, yes YOU, could represent 
SPAM!  I can supply sunglasses if necessary.

Denise Thorpe

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