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Moses' sexy theory

Subject: Moses' sexy theory
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 95 16:23:52 PST
Tim Moses replied:
> Denise:
>     Having led a former military life, I, too, like your version better
> because of the acronym, but wonder if SEX isn't the reason behind MOWOG.
> Just as "TVR" appears a little more SEXY than  "TW" (admittedly, just a very
> little more), I can only assume that someone thought "MOWOG" was a little
> more SEXY and appealing than "MWM".  Go Figure.

Ray Gibbons pointed out to me that TVR is actually from TreVoR wilkinson, but
the principle still applies.

Your theory is entirely possible.  We'll refer to it as "Moses' sexy 
theory."  I can hear people running to their Bibles now.  I have a related 
theory of my own; it's called the "law of picturesqueness" (it's a word 
now).  If entropy were the big deal people think it is, the surface of the 
Earth (considering its age) would be perfectly smooth and be the color and 
consistency of chocolate cake batter.  The reason it's not is that it's so 
much more picturesque to have the mountains sticking up and the oceans 
sticking down.  Russ Wilson once asked why the clouds stay up in the air.  
They're held up by the law of picturesqueness!  How picturesque would it be 
if the clouds hung around the ground?  What would artists put in the skies 
of watercolors?

So that would explain why it's MOWOG instead of MWG even if it does come 
from Morris Wolesley Group -- because it's sexier, more picturesque, and a
heck of a lot easier to pronounce.

Denise "I can explain anything" Thorpe

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