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From: John Bartholomew <>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 95 08:26 PST
I recently received a *auto restoration tools and supplies* catalog from
SEARS. As I looked through it I was thinking, this looks familar, indeed it
was.  It turns out SEARS must have an arrangement with the EASTWOOD COMPANY.
The two catalogs are almost identical in content. Some of the Eastwood *new*
items are not in the Sears catalog, but largely the are identical.
The *bulk rate* postage mark says U.S. Postage paid by the EASTWOOD COMPANY.

So if anyone has a preference to use their SEARS charge to purchase from the
EASTWOOD COMPANY, call the SEARS 800 number below.

     Here it is:-  The catalog is titled Auto Restoration, Tools & Supplies
it is provide by SEARS SHOP at HOME SERVICE, the front of the catalog says
to order call 1-800-557-3277 (this is correct, I double checked!) their
world wide FAX, 24 hour service is, 610-644-0560, which is the same number
as EASTWOOD!  They give the address as:-
                   Auto Restoration and Suppies
                   P.O. BOX 1250
                   Pennsyvania 19355-0801

I checked about 10 items at random places in the two catalogs, SEARS &
EASTWOOD, and the part numbers are identical. So if you have an EASTWOOD
CATALOG I would think you could call the SEARS number and place your order.
I thought I remembered that Sears prices were a few cents cheaper, but they
are identical.
I must add that I have no affilliation with either SEARS or EASTWOOD and
only provided this information as a point of interest. As for LBC
content....... did you notice the picture insert for the aluminum oxide
blasting compounds shows an MG rocker/valve cover!  Phew, there had to be
something .
Happy Holidays - john 

John D. Bartholomew  Amdahl San Jose CA.  Usual disclaimers apply.
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               Internet id -
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