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Replacing B fenders

Subject: Replacing B fenders
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 95 15:48:15 PST
David Councill replied to Jim McDougal's question:

> >Dear SOL,
> >        I had a hit and run driver leave me with a nearly identical problem
> >at a parking lot in Santa Rosa, CA. How hard is it to replace that
> >fender? Would I be better off trying to pound it back into shape, or is
> >that nearly impossable? I have not done much body work before and have
> >never even touched a welder.
> >                                        Jim McDougal
> >                              
> >                                        '74 MGB sysiphus
Is that the car's name?  Does it have trouble rolling boulders up hills?
> Actually the fender is just bolted on so no welding is required. I replaced
> my right front fender on my BGT (large rust holes and thick bondo coating).
> It was not too difficult once I got the hard to access bolts under the
> dashboard removed.
> David Councill

Jim didn't say whether his car was a roadster or GT.  I suspect that a GT
fender is a lot easier to replace because the windshield isn't involved.
To replace a roadster fender, the windshield frame has to come off because
the part of the windshield frame that bolts to the body goes through a hole
in the fender.  R&Ring the windshield frame is one of my least favorite 
things to do to a B.  The front bumper and grill need to be removed for
either a roadster or GT.

Replacing a fender can definitely be done by someone who doesn't weld 
because I've done it and I don't weld.  When I got done, it looked great 
but it leaked.  I put body putty everywhere I could think of, but I must 
have missed somewhere because whenever my car gets wet, water runs down the 
interior panel in front of the passenger door.  It's on my list of things 
to fix.  Someday.

Denise "So many cars, so little daylight" Thorpe

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