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Re: SU lean/rich confusion

Subject: Re: SU lean/rich confusion
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 95 11:54:14 PST
Keith added:

> Hmph! is right!  The jets are new and centered nicely.  No piston sticking.
>  They move freely and needle shoulders are flush with the piston body.  

Well, since you've shot down all the simple solutions, lets go for the
esoteric.  Are you sure the car has a stock cam?  Are you sure the cam
timing is correct?  If you still have the needles that came out of the
carbs, you should compare them to the new ones and make sure they're the
same and not special needles for a hot cam.  Since you seem to still have 
contact with the DPO, maybe you could ask him/her.

I think I sent you this possible solution before.  Maybe it was someone
else.  The problem might be the linkage.  To find out, screw the idle
screws all the way out.  If the car still runs at all, then something is 
holding the butterflies open.  Air that gets in through anywhere other
than the butterflies doesn't bring any gas with it.  So, if your problem
is only a vacuum leak, the car still shouldn't run with the idle screws 
all the way out.

Denise Thorpe

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