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electrical problems

Subject: electrical problems
From: rbolian@Synopsys.COM (Roland Bolian)
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 13:08:44 -0800
I recently acquired a 76' Midget with a fairly good body and a not so great
engine. Last week I shelled out 700$ to get my head redone. Now I have
another problem that I would like to try to repair myself being that
Christmas combined with the head job completely wiped me out. When I first
got the car the tach and fuel gauge would operate erratically, working most
of the time but cutting off completely on occasions. Now they are
completely shut down along with my rear tail/stop lights, reverse lights,
and rear side marker lights. I've inspected the fuses (both in the fuse
box, and the in-line fuses), as well as the wiring, but I can't find any
exposed wiring, and all of my fuses are fine. Could this possibly be the
circuitry housed inside of my alternator? Does it sound like my alternator
needs to be relaced/overhauled?? HELP!!

Financially Strapped

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