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Re: 300 miles 70 mph 30 mpg :)

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Subject: Re: 300 miles 70 mph 30 mpg :)
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 1996 14:20:00 -0800 (PST)
This is a web page that has info on octane boosters and how to make your own 
cheap. give it a try.

Chris Reichle
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To: mgs
Subject: Re: 300 miles 70 mph 30 mpg :)
Date: Thursday,December 21,1995 8:02PM

Andy Ramm wrote:
>Not to cast a disparaging shadow on this discussion, but if you're
>concerned about aerodynamics, or gas mileage, go buy a Miata.  If you
>want a car with character, one that delivers the true visceral joys of
>open-top motoring, stick with the MG and forget about the mileage.
>Just my $.00000000002 billion

I'll second that!  Goldie, my '69 B, gets fine mileage (up to 30mpg),
but gosh, she sips only the finest and most expensive fuel.  In fact, my
original '69 owner's manual says, "due to the high-compression nature
of the engine, fuel with an octane rating below 98 is not recommended
for high performance driving."  98?!!!  Heck, Chevron Supreme (which my
thermodynamics prof insists is the best) is only 92, and it ain't cheap...
Can't find gas with a higher octane rating in Northern CA, too...

I tried using an octane boost a few weeks ago... it effectively boosts
the price of fuel by 12 cents/gal. for one thing,  but I couldn't perceive a 

performance difference.  Still had that funny run-on after switching 
ignition off (she's so overexuberant... just wants to keep on runnin').
And I was dubious of the booster's merits... the can didn't say how much it
would raise the octane but it did say it contained alcohol, and I'm unsure
if the alcohol would have adverse effects on her new SU fuel pump.  So
I'm not using it anymore.  Any advice, anyone?

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