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Re: Engine troubles...

Subject: Re: Engine troubles...
From: "Ramm, Andy" <>
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 1996 9:26:18 -0600
You say consumption, but does that mean burning?  It could be a 
deteriorating rear main seal that only leaks at higher oil pressures.  As 
for the rotary, the seals can go on those, and 100K miles is about the 
time when you're at risk.  Of course, I've blown up the only rotary I 
ever owned.

Andy Ramm
'67 Midget
'69 B

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1)LBC Engine Trouble:

My friend rebuilt the engine in his 1974 MGB this summer, and he is 
having a 
problem with excessive oil consumption at sustained engine speeds above 
3000 RPM.
The engine seems to run well; it makes good power and all cylinders fire 
All of the original emission control equipment was removed by a previous 
could the missing PCV / Gulp valve be causing some problems?

2)LJC Engine Trouble:

I have a 1986 Mazda RX-7 exquiped with the normally aspirated 13b rotary 
which I have owned since 1989.  This car has about 107,000 km on it and 
has been
serviced regularly.  While driving at about 60 km/h it developed a miss.  
I limped
it into the local dealership and they at first thought that the problem 
was a bad
igniter coil (no spark).  They then told me I had lost all compression in 
the rear
rotor, possibly due to a bad apex seal.  Is this sort of sudden failure 
The engine had  good compression in both rotors when it was serviced this 


Dave Morris
'72 MGB
'86 RX-7 (Dead)
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