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Buick/Rover V8 info needed

Subject: Buick/Rover V8 info needed
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 96 15:00 EST
Just prior to the holidays, somebody had posted a message concerning
a Buick/Rover V8 for sale in NE Phili. 

I found the original message but no name or phone number, If that person
still has the engine for sale, I may have an interested party

Thanks in advance

Original message included:
For sale:
Aluminium Buick/Rover V8 from a '64 Buick Special
Engine has been sitting in a clean, dry garage after
being rebuilt approx. 2 yrs. ago.
New rings, bearings, oil pump, etc.
Quadra-jet carb, Isky cam.  Set of Buick aluminium heads (bigger valves)
and long-stroke crankshaft also included.
$500.00 OBO, 30mi. NE of Philadelphia.

'71 GT6


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