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Parts Per Whatever

Subject: Parts Per Whatever
From: (James Fischer)
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 1996 18:40:08 -0500
>Also I read in my MGB service manual you have to adjust the carb 
>using a CO meter and it said the CO should be 5 1/2 percent I 
>have a CO meter that reads in PPM what PPM does 5 1/2 pct equate to? 

    5 1/2 Percent would be 5.5 parts per hundred.
    To convert to Parts per Million, multiply the 5.5 by 10,000,
    for a whopping 55,000 Parts Per Million (ppm).  To cross-check
    the math, divide 55,000 by 1,000,000, and you get 0.055 which
    looks rather like "5 and a half cents" written out as dollars.

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 james fischer             

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