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Subject: Various & Sundry
From: (NewEdge IAS)
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 22:50:32 -0400
Happy New Year!

Great to discover John Twist on this list! (Isn't that a Hall & Oates song?)
Since moving to the east coast, attending your summer party has been
difficult - but there's a lotta years ahead!

Noted the gent who discovered the Corgi MGB and MGF die-casts. I've yet to
see them. I understand they're 1/20 scale. Pricey, but nice. I've got a
small collection of MG models including the Wills Finecast 1/24 white metal
B roadster, a Corgi 1/43 BGT (With jewelled headlites, opening doors &
hatch, and suspension!), two Dinky B roadsters, both pretty rough, an
Abingdon Classics 1/43 MGA, a Postil (sp?) MGA Twin Cam guessing the scale
at 1/18+, a 1/43 Wills Finecast BGT, plus a couple of the new Aoshima MGB
1/24 plastic kits. Great detail. Curbside (no engine detail), but great
rendering. Only problem - as assembled, the body rides too high. The
interior bucket platform needs to be shaved wafer-thin to get the body to
sit low enough. There are 3 kits, all based on the same mold - an early
roadster (67/68), a 'racing editon of same (has hardtop) and a rubber
bumpered version. Got 'em all! Have only built one - real things take up too
much time!

Interesting question regarding the time the last MG rolled off the line in
October of '80. I've seen that somewhere...hello, John T?

The steering wheel thread reminded me of my discovery of B steering wheel
variations. Before restoration of my '68 roadster, there were a couple of
years of road warrior service, and at one point thought I'd install the
original wheel from my '70 GT to replace the tattered aftermarket generic
device that had found it's way to the car.

I discovered that the 'Jesus' (?) bolt under the wheel center cover was not
torqued down to any great degree, and came off easily with large adjusting
pliers. I then assumed the wheel would be welded onto the shaft, so I sat
m'self down, hand at 9 o'clock, hand at 3 o'clock, braced by feet against
the footwell, and tugged back with all my might.

When I came to, I ended up with a cresent-shaped welt across forehead, and
the wheel - still firmly clutched at 9 and 3 - sitting in my lap. The damn
thing slid off and on like whipped cream on jello (usual disclaimers).

Then I discover that the shaft diameter is SMALLER on the '68, rendering the
GT's wheel useless! I always get a headache when sterring wheel removal
comes up in discussion, but I was impressed to discover that there were as
many as 5 different shafts?!

When the '77 roadster rolled into my garage a few years ago, I again
attempted to see if the GT wheel would fit this car, and while wearing a
football helmet, discovered that it did fit! Ergo: a '70 MG steering wheel
will fit a '77. What are the other variables?

And what's all this about a "Jesus" bolt? I've never heard that before!

Cheers from the Atlantic coast!

Terry "Model cars, real cars, it's as if I'd been whacked in the head"
Williams '70 GT
'68 roadster
'77 roadster

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