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Re: Dry Gas and MTBE

Subject: Re: Dry Gas and MTBE
From: (David Councill)
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 08:27:57 -0700
>Here in Connecticut the oil companies have to add MTBE to the fuel to
>reduce emmissions and gas milage. Is this an alcohol? And if it is,
>does it do the job of what dry gas is intended for?
>- -Mark     = =o&o

MTBE (methyl tert butyl ether) is an ether, not an alcohol. Both are
oxygenates, however, and are used to reduce emissions.

Dry gas is usually an alcohol, methanol in particular. It has a greater
affinity for water and is still the chemical of choice for gas line
antifreeze purposes.

David Councill

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