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Red 1971 MGB-GT, $1500, Seattle, USA

Subject: Red 1971 MGB-GT, $1500, Seattle, USA
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 1996 01:08:40 -0500
SOL friends,

Sorry to cross-post, but I am not a member of the MGs list and am not quite
sure about the cross-over membership. 

I have been using my GT as a foul-weather alternative to my Healey. It's
sorta beat up (a semi-decent 30-foot car), but isn't as horrible as some and
runs pretty nicely. However, it really needs to go to a sympathetic home, and
I've got my hands more than full with the 3000.

1971 MGB-GT
--Originally (and currently) red. CA dealer sticker under the hood.
--Original sills w/ seams, (quite) small bubbling in doglegs. 
  Spare wheel-well has been patched with 'glass at some point.
  The floors are solid.
--Lots of dings. Looks like it sat in a garage for years with various 
  rakes, wheelbarrows, etc. colliding with it. Worst is a dent recd. 
  while shopping last year; someone in a pickup backed into the 
  aluminum bonnet, denting the bonnet, grille surround, and 
  destroying the overrider on the passenger side.
--Engine runs well, but needs a tune-up or distributor rebuild, 
  as there seems to be no advance from the distributor. Uses little
  oil. Doesn't leak oil. Tranny (non-OD) works very well. The 
  exhaust leaks somewhere in its run. Weber DGV carb.
--Car rides fine, and even has decent shocks and great newish rubber
  on Rostyle wheels. That said, there's some random clunking from 
  the front. Brakes had some work done before I bought it, of an
  undocumented nature, though a peek shows new flex hoses and pads.
--Interior is well worn but largely original, except a (working) am/fm
  cassette, with speakers just behind the doors. Dash cracked per usual.
--I have replaced the alternator, the heater control valve, the oil,
  and one of the two batteries (my shop only had one in stock!).
--Tabs just expired, though I think odd-year cars don't have to be 
  smog tested in WA this year. Clear title.
--I have driven it about 5000 puttering miles in a year and a half. 
  Odometer reads 57,000 or so, which I assume means 157,000.

I'd like $1500, or part I'll trade up to Jaguar or interesting British 
sedan in decent nick. Drop me a line for more details. I'm in Kirkland, WA,
USA, near Seattle.

--Roger Los

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