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Non-show cars at Indy 96

Subject: Non-show cars at Indy 96
From: (Mark A. Dodd, WL/ELOD, X55581/64158)
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 96 08:29:56 EST
David Councill <> posted:
>I have never been to a car show. If I register and get permission to be
>amongst the elite 1000, would I be allowed to drive my very used 1971 MGBGT
>on the track? Are rusty MGBs permitted at these car shows or would we be
>considered a disgrace to the group?
If so, I will leave my SOL shirt at home and enjoy myself regardless!
If I remember to get my registration sent in (need a stamp and a license
plate number) then I will be on my way.  I have a very rusty C/GT.
It runs like a champ so I should make it around the track.  Given the
chance, I would love to open up those 6 cylinders.  Of course if I do
that, I will leave a great cloud of "something"....  At line-up time
watch out for that very ratty BRG C/GT, nothing but trouble ;-)  I 
hope the point is more that we are there driving the things rather
than how spotless they are.  If not, maybe us less than pristine types
can meet for a lap of I465 and really tie up rush hour traffic :)

>If I was allowed to go, would I get in trouble if my car dripped oil and
>shed rust chunks on the track?
I plan on leaving a momento or two.  Just hope it is something smaller than
a front fender....  Would love to see the Indy car boys out on the track 
after us at 230 mph =:-O

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