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MGB shell 4 sale

Subject: MGB shell 4 sale
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 96 10:16 EST
Back in Nov/Dec there was a thread , that someone was looking for a good
solid MGB shell to transfer his mechanicals from his own rusty shell.

Yesterday I came across a 1972 MGB roadster shell, sitting in soemone's 
He has strippd the whole car and currently only has the front suspension and
rear suspension fitted - so at least it will roll. The shell is in very good
condition (except paint), has had new floors fitted, and the usual MGB rotted
araes replaced. 

The owner has lost interest in the project as he is currently restoring an MGA
and has no time for the MGB. He is British car enthusiast, with 2 Jaguars, 
MGA's and MGB's.

He said that he had all the parts for the MGB, has had the doors re-skinned 
and may have some new parts lying around.

He is intersetd in selling either the shell as it it or selling the complete
shell and all the parts that go with it.

I would buy this car but my garage currently has 3 projects sitting there 
waiting for
me to get around to finishing them.

If anybody is interested drop me a line and I shall put you in touch with the 
I could even go round and take a closer look at the car.


usual disclaimer - I am doing this as a service....blah...blah....blah...and
have no financial interest......blah...blah...blah

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