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Re:Hdrolastic pressurization anyone?

Subject: Re:Hdrolastic pressurization anyone?
From: (Faust,Eugene)
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 1996 12:49:21 PST
Several years ago, my son pressurized his 1100 by rigging up a hose 
 attachment to a grease gun filled with anti-freeze.  On the end of the 
 hose he installed a clamp-on type air line fitting he swiped off a 
 bicycle pump.  Apparently it worked .

Re: Wire wheels on a TD.  In my early days of TD ownership I  thought 
 seriously about wire wheels but as I acquired other wire wheel LBC's 
 and realized how much work they were to maintain, I lost interest in 
 that idea.  But then again I admit to being lazy when it comes to 
 cleaning and polishing. Particularly when it starts to infringe on my 
 driving time. 

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