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Funky Farinas... Want one?

Subject: Funky Farinas... Want one?
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 1996 21:35:55 EST
  In a garage in Central New Hampshire is a 1959 MG MkIII Magnette 
that was being restored when the owner dropped dead.  All the body 
work was complete, but not giventhe final coat of paint.  The engine 
was rebuilt, but not installed.  The man died in 1981, and few people 
have opened the garage doors since.  It seems like an easy resoration 
project.  The engine needs to be checked out, but it was rebuilt once 
and the second time through should be easy enough if it needs it.  
All the body needs to be sprayed... hell it's almost completely 
masked off already.  The suspension in all new and shiny.  The 
interior needs some minor work, most importantly the driver's seat 
needs to be bolted down.  The wood (and there is alot of it!) doesn't 
appear to need any work.  It's a great big old car, and would be a 
great spare car to have that no one else had!   It cost nearly twice 
as much as an MGB when new, and you can tell why.  It was MG's top of 
the line model, but it's got to go.  I was going to take it on, but I 
work long hours and still have some unfinished business on the GT and 
am probably getting an Austin 1100 soon that does run but needs help. 
 I offer this MG because I'd hate to see it go to the scrapper.  The 
owner knows little about, but I like her and I like the car and can 
answer most any question about the car itslef or it's model.   It' 
not a sportscar, but it's a classy car.


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