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MoWoG, and other mysteries.............

Subject: MoWoG, and other mysteries.............
From: jason palmer <>
Date: Sat, 06 Jan 1996 01:17:28 -0800
This is my first go at this group.... be gentile!

I just wanted to throw my 2cents in about the MoWoG debate. 
I read in one of the many catalog/magazines I get for owning an MG, It is 
I wondered about it for years! I also wondered why STANDARD was cast into 
everything on that 
rusty old TR6 I had. Thats for another day.

Well, now that Ive made my debut, I have asked this question on the P* MGB 
Hotline, and no one 
knew this one. 

What is the secret code on the Triplex windscreens? 

A buddy of mine, who happens to be British, showed me this trick. I hope the 
expanded grasp of 
the internet will show some right answers!

Finally... JOHN TWIST- see if you can get more P* folk in here. I read Phil 
Smith's letter in 
Autoweek. Nail on the head, eh?

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