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Re: Webers vs SU ....

Subject: Re: Webers vs SU ....
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 1996 08:03:31 EST
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> Date: Sunday, 07-Jan-96 04:55 PM
> From: Jason Palmer             \ Internet:    (
> Subject: Webers and Such....
> Here is another tech question regarding my 80 B.
> I have been running a Weber downdraft for 2 years. In the last 9
> the car has been running rich beyond belief. Under acceleration or
> it will blows a bit of smoke. Its not enough for me to notice, but
> that are behind the car say its excessive. 
> I have checked all the screws and whotnot on the carb, and checked
> timing. Both seem to be within normal parameters. The problem may
still be

> Until PSmith gets here, I will sign off with a hearty....
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Jason Rebuild the SU's !   You don't have to put them on the car Just
rebuild them and the weber will start acting right.
Worked for me.  My Weber has been nothing but trouble for several
years. I got fedup with it and bought a SU setup.  A couple of weeks
ago I started 
rebuilding the SU and suddenly the Weber has been running perfect.
I know it' s just trying to suck me into  putting the SU in the attic. 

 Oh  BTW ,  The needle that came with my rebuild kit are marked AAE 
and the old  needles are ABD. I read some where what the letters stand
for but can't find it .  Can anyone tell me.

Bob Nogueira

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