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RE: Midget brake callipers.

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Subject: RE: Midget brake callipers.
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 1996 10:53:00 -0800 (PST)
If you put the pistons on a flat surface with the open end down you will 
notice that they do not lay flat. It's not really a notch, more like a 
From: mgs-owner
To: mgs
Subject: Midget brake callipers.
Date: Monday,January 08,1996 12:53PM

Following the recent discussion on this little notch in the brake calliper
pistons being aligned correctly .... I checked my restoration manual this
weekend, it tells me that the notch should be facing the wheel axle, ie 
into the calliper as it goes onto the disk.

I took my callipers off this weekend to clean up the pistons.  After getting
the pistons out I realised that there were no notches to be found !  Have I
missed them ? Where should they be exactly.  If they're not there, I can't
really line them up ?


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