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Re: Re: Front Plates (and Hondas)

Subject: Re: Re: Front Plates (and Hondas)
From: (Cindy Jizmagian)
Date: 08 Jan 1996 15:46:10 GMT
>A kit as such isn't required, just the plate holder (available from any of
>your regular pile of MGB parts dealers) and two screws that go through the
>plate holder into those holes in your bumper.
>  - j.t.

OK, but the bumper doesn't come with holes, right?  So, if you've never used
a front plate and don't want to (punch? drill?) holes in your front bumper,
is there an good way to add a frony plate?  

In Massachusetts they *currently* require only a rear plate and we get little
stickers every year or two, depending on the type of registration. Way back
(I don't know when) two plates were required.  Now certain types of
registrations require front plates, including certain low numbered plates and
vanity plates. I have vanity plates for my MGB and once a sympathetic
automobile technician set up a bracket for me to avoid drilling holes in the
bumper. When the bracket fell off, I just removed the front plate temprarily
<g>. I was stopped once by a statie who "certainly knows the rules" and
ordered to replace the front plate. 

There were reports in the Boston Globe several months ago about returning to
a two-plate system in MA (maybe sometime in 1996) with stickers issued only
for the rear plate (to save money?).

Honda and holiday content below:

A belated Happy and Safe New Year to all readers and their cars!

... and thanks to those who responded to my question about Hondas.  I bought
a '91 Prelude Si I had admired for a while. It's black and shares a 13' wide
parking space with my damask red B.  The colors look good together <g>. What
is it about those Hondas - you just put gas in them and they go?  BTW, I've
never owned a car with electric windows.  Guess what happened the first time
I stopped for gas. :)  We're in the middle of a major blizzard right now, and
no one's goin' anywhere  :(.    

"Pleasant top-down dreams" to anyone else on the East Coast.

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