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Re: + earth

To: "U. Goettsch" <>
Subject: Re: + earth
From: Len Bugel <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 08:22:06 +0000
Ulix, and anyone else wanting a modern radio in a pos earth car! Get a 
12V relay from Radio Shack, or wherever, and have it activated by the 
ignition switch. Run the + lead that operates the radio and 
display through the relay's normally open contacts to earth. Run the 
other + lead (for the memory and clock) directly to earth, and the - lead 
to unswitched - (fuse protected, of course).

Len Bugel '50 TD

On Tue, 9 Jan 1996, U. Goettsch wrote:

> Opportunity to learn from my mistake:
> I put a digitaly tuned radio (with station presets) in my pos-gnd Sprite 
> (hidden out of sight). Normally you have two distinct +leads, one 
> switched with the ignition key for radio operation, and one permanent +, 
> so that the radio remembers the station presets and the time (built in 
> clock). I hooked up both leads to permanent +, and the other lead to 
> permanent -. Amazingly, the display, 
> which is then always on, showing the clock, uses so much juice that after 
> 1 or 2 weeks of not driving, the battery (new) is dead. 
> I then had to connect the (-) lead to switched (-). Now of course, every 
> time I turn the ignition off the radio forgets what station I was 
> listening to! 
> Moral: Buy an old-fashioned mechanical radio! No presets, but at least 
> when you turn the key, you'll hear your favorite station rather than 
> "ssshhhhhhhhh" or whatever they have on 87.5 in your area =:-)
> Ulix
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