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Re: Seeking Green or Black MGTF

Subject: Re: Seeking Green or Black MGTF
From: (Bill Singleton)
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 07:45:06 -0500
At 1:55 PM 1/10/96, wrote:
>I have been trying to locate a BRG or black MGTF for some time and havn't had
>any luck. Can anypone venture a guess as to why? They were certainly original
>colors, unless my research is wrong.  Where only few TFs made in these
>colors? Are these colors in big demand?
>Does anyone know of a BRG or black TF for sale?
>Brian Burns

This was in Sunday's San Jose Mercury News

MG '54 TF $17,500 (#562) O'CONNOR CLASSICS, 2569 Scott, S'Clara 727-0430
Classification: Transportation Custom Classic, Score: 100


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