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Newsletter editors - last call

To: Scions of Lucas <>,
Subject: Newsletter editors - last call
From: Michael Burdick <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 15:24:08 -0600 (CST)
Sorry for the big cross post, but I want to be sure everyone that wants 
to be on the editors list gets a chance.

I am compiling a list of newsletter editors that would like to receive 
newsletters from other clubs.  The purpose of this list (as I see it) is 
to 1) help provide editors with new material, and 2) to help those of us 
that are new to the field on elements of style and format.

Below is the list of people I have heard from so far.  If you are not on 
the list and would like to be, reply DIRECTLY TO ME with your USMail 
address and I will put you on.  In a week or so, I'll send out the list 
to all who responded.  It is expected that you will send newsletters to 
those on the list, just as they will send theirs to you.

One last note:  Some people have proposed placing this list on the SOL 
web site.  Do people really want to do this - place your home address out 
there for the world to see?  If you have comments about this, send them 
to me, and I'll summarize at the time I send out the list.

As of 1/11/96, the list of editors includes (in no particular order):

Brian Neuschwander, Triumph Travelers Sports Car Club
Mark Joslyn, Coventry Standard, (Central Illinois)
Chip Bond, Shennandoah Valley British Car Club
Jamie Palmer, Triumph Tribune (Triumph Club of the Carolinas)
Jim Brady, Kansas City Triumphs
Mindi Wynne  Miami Valley Triumphs
Roger Garnett
Kirk Stanford
David Semple
John L. Tolbert
Dave & Elva Allen, British Saloon Car Club of Canada
Loyal Truesdale, La Carrera Panamericana
Ken Nachman, Richmond Triumph Register
Jim Mulligan, British Motoring Club
Steve Lopes, Lawrence (KS) All British
Tom Jell, Spitfire Club Deutschlands
Andy Lindberg, Triumphs & Tribulations
Dave Fain
Andrew Mace
Joe & Grace Simcoe
Tom Marsh, Texas Triumph Register
Marty Lodawer & Sue Davis, Triumph Register of Southern California
Bill Toft, Toronto Triumph Club
Alan Perry, Golden Gate Lotus Club
Mike Burdick, Nebraska Triumph Drivers


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