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Re: Vacuum

To: Tim Moses <>
Subject: Re: Vacuum
From: "U. Goettsch" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 17:33:34 -0800 (PST)
On Thu, 11 Jan 1996, Tim Moses wrote:

> > You can tell which parts of your car 
> >are vacuum operated by operating them without the engine running.  If they  
> >stop working without being broken, they're vacuum operated.  It got to the 
> >point where so many things ran off of vacuum that the engine couldn't supply 
> >enough so some cars came with electric vacuum pumps.  So, the car burns gas 
> >to run the alternator to make electricity to run a vacuum pump to create 
> >vacuum to operate levers.  This isn't the most efficient power source I 
> >could think of.
>         So my 1979 MGB which used to have an electrical "air pump" until the
> DPO got a hold of the EGR system will never run correctly until I replace
> the "blank spot" with an "air pump" ????
>         Do I have to replace the entire EGR system????

Your air pump has _nothing_ to do with the vacuum system, it was _not_ 
electric, and it was _not_ directly involved with the EGR system, it blows 
FRESH air into the EXHAUST, while the Exhaust Gas Recirculation system 
lets the engine vacuum (aaahh, here is the connection) draw EXHAUST GAS 
into the INTAKE.
Vacuum comes naturally to an engine (as explained beautifully in 
Denises post), you could say they all suck anyway...:-)
If a car has too many things operated by vacuum (e.g. 79 Lincoln Town 
Car), and a puny engine (it sucks because it doesn't suck enough), then 
it might need an electrical vacuum pump. I've never seen a car that had 
one, certainly no MGs.

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