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Side screens for MGA

To: "''" <>
Subject: Side screens for MGA
From: "C. WESLEY GRADY" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 13:29:24 -0500
First things first, hello all.  Just found the mailing list.

Second, I am currently rebuilding a '56 MGA 1500 and need a couple of =
things.  I have ordered a canvas top with triple windows in tan.  The =
company has indicated that they will recover the existing side screens =
in a matching fabric and install new sliding plastic windows for about =
$500.  Never one to throw away good money, I was wondering if anyone had =
a more reasonable source for the sidescreens.  Mine are in pretty good =
shape, but black.

And, before you ask, yes I know the sliding screens are from a 1600, as =
are the triple windows, but this car is being rebuilt as a birthday =
present for my wife and I want her to be able to see more than I want =
the car to be original. =20

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