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Re: pilot bushing

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Subject: Re: pilot bushing
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996 11:36:00 -0800 (PST)
Thanks! That was what I was looking for. It seems like a good Idea but I 
realized a bearing of this type would need to be packed with grease. Could 
it last 60 or 70 thousand miles? I didn't think so. Besides, What problem is 
it fixing? What's wrong with the brass...
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To: mgs
Subject: Re: pilot bushing
Date: Friday,January 12,1996 4:01AM

 -- [ From: Bob Nogueira * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

Chris a friend has a Morgan 4/4 and the ford engine has a pin bearing
pilot. He hates the thing and wants a brass Bush type.  Seems the
bearing breaks up and he has had to pull the engine several times to
replace it.   I think its one of those things that sounds alot better
than it works.
Bob Nogueira

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> Date: Thursday, 11-Jan-96 05:20 PM
> From: Reichle Christoph        \ Internet:
> (
> To:   Bob Nogueira             \ PRODIGY:     (NKED65A)
> Subject: pilot bushing
> Normally the pilot bush for the input shaft is a solid brass bush. I
saw a
>  pin bearing type of replacement for this bush in a seven enterprises
> catalog  for ~$40. Is it worth it? Why and does anyone have any
> using it.  What's the reason for the roller bearing upgrade?
> Thanks,
> Chris Reichle

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