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Re: Brakes 77 MGB

Subject: Re: Brakes 77 MGB
From: Craig Wiper <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 1996 09:05:39 -0800
At 09:15 PM 1/11/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Over the years I have always lost a little break fluid but I could never find
>the leak, nor could my mechanic. It has been sitting due to an electric
>problem I have finaly found and fixed. Now I see a obvious trail of fluid
>from under the master cylinder, where the wires are. Is this just an O ring
>or is it something worse ?
>Thanks for the help
>77 MGB

James, I've replaced my master cylinders a couple of times. There's not much
to them. Most likely the leak is a a pipe union or where the plunger enters
and exits the unit. I tried to rebuild my cylider the first time around. It
took a lot of effort and it still didn't work properly after I finished. So
I bought a rebuilt unit from Faspec in Portland, Oregon for around $79.00.
It had a new brass rebushed sleeve and has worked great. I replaced the
clutch master cylinder while I was at it also. Really, the worst part of
this job is the fact that it can be rather messy, working with brake fluid!
I was told to only use Castrol GT LMA brake fluid in the system. At one time
I used the silicon fluid and my system developed problems after about a
year. I don't know for sure that the silicone fluid caused the failures, but
it was suspect. Since using the regular fluid and restoring the master
cylinders I have had no problems (about 3 years now).

Craig Wiper
early '74 B

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