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Re: The experience.

To: A A Ransome <>
Subject: Re: The experience.
From: Michael T Chaffee <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 21:13:25 -0600 (CST)

On Sat, 13 Jan 1996, A A Ransome wrote:

> last January and I absolutely love it. I have had it garaged up for 
> the last 2 months as the weather in the UK has been pretty bad. Im a 
> great follower of  the "as long as it isn't raining the hoods down" 
> brigade and today was the first clear day this year so down came the 
> hood and out I went into the country - only 32oF as well - so you can 
> imagine some of the "look at that fool' looks I got as all the sad 
> people in their nice warm modern cars went by.

This reminds me of a wonderful sight from a visit to the UK I made.  My 
high school's senior class trip was to London for a week bracketing New 
Years (got to watch Big Ben ring in '92).  One day our tour bus was in 
the middle of a pretty darn big roundabout when I heard a rippling 
exhaust note through the (closed) window.  Suddenly, like something out 
of a dream, a perfect (Perfect!) BRG XK120 went whizzing by, top down, 
gent in the driver's seat looking something like a time warp in tweed 
cap, stringback gloves, and old-style racing goggles.  I am not making 
this up.  That particular day it was about 35degF and drizzling; I doubt 
I'll ever forget it.  Really neat.

Michael Chaffee

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