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'76 Midget fan clutch

Subject: '76 Midget fan clutch
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 1996 00:06:16 -0500
To whom it may concern:

My son's '76 Midget fan clutch started making noise yesterday. Tonight we
pulled it off and found the bearing rough and loose, the cause of the noise
we were hearing. 

Now Moss has this part at $95 and I bought one a couple of years ago for our
other Midget. My son was currently without the funds so we carefully drilled
and tapped two holes in the unit for 10-32 screws which effectively diable
the clutch. 

I was somewhat concerned that the fan would turn too fast when the engine was
reved to highway speeds. Well, at 4,000 RPM (in the garage with the hood up)
it doesn't sound any different. I suppose that it will slightly effect the
highway mileage, but it will be awhile before it amounts to $95. 

Has anyone else tried this temporary, unorthodox fix? Any problems noted? Can
that crazy "tolerance ring" stand the extra torque of the mass of the fan
with no slip?

Johnson - Dallas

PS - How 'bout those Cowboys!!!

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